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                  This website is dedicated to the research of Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD)

Our research in Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD) is in the Western Cape and Cape Town areas. We also offer resources for mental-health care on this website and contact details that can help you should you be concerned you have SAD or you have been diagnosed with SAD. There is also a blog link to the Social Anxiety Disorder Info blog, which contains facts and information for those with social anxiety.      

SAD is one of the most common anxiety disorders and affects many individuals in all facets of society and across all cultural groups.  In order to improve our treatment of SAD we need to further investigate it's various causes and origins. 

The University of Stellenbosch, department of Psychiatry, will be doing a study to examine the effects of early developmental trauma on social anxiety disorder, as part of David Rosenstein's PhD research [See research overview for more information].

The study title is: 'Neurobiological mechanisms in social anxiety disorder in the context of early developmental trauma: A functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) study'. Research will be done in order to better understand the causes of SAD and its associated brain functioning. This will ultimately provide insights for the treatment of SAD. However, this is not a treatment study.

We are looking for individuals who may be suffering from SAD or who have been diagnosed with SAD. Please read 'What is social anxiety disorder(SAD)' and 'Research overview' for more information and the contact me page. 

 This study is being conducted through the University Stellenbosch department of Psychiatry (Ethics number N09/09/226, and ethics committee for human research contact telephone number: 021-938 9207)